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4 slides: Healthcare marketing explained!

Late last year, I challenged myself to put together four simple slides that would capture the state of the healthcare industry at a high level and explain the role of marketers. The initial intended audience was people who are new to the profession or considering a career in healthcare marketing. However, I quickly realized the fundamentals outlined here are good for just about anyone connected to healthcare no matter what their level of experience.

As I was looking at these four slides again this fall, I realized that not a lot has really changed. Yes, there are additional new entrants to the field of healthcare, patients are becoming more engaged and the tactics and channels we use to reach audiences are evolving. However, the fundamentals of good marketing remain the same.

Although not always easy to put into practice, effective marketing is fairly straightforward if you possess a strong understanding of the core principles and can effectively work with your business partners. Marketing healthcare adds layers of complexities and complications that take time to fully understand.

I’ve updated the slides from last year with some very minor changes. I hope you will find it to be a useful resource to guide your thinking. I’ll close this post by asking the same question I did last year? What’s missing? If you had to boil down the state of healthcare from a marketing lens, what would you add or take away while staying within my self-imposed four slide challenge?

  1. Five trends affecting healthcare

  2. One big challenge facing our profession

  3. Six questions you MUST always ask

  4. Four things you can do toda

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