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Gen X strikes back: Raising our voice and staking our claim as healthcare's 'triple threat' audience

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

As a member of Gen X, I'm tired of being left out of conversations about the generations. And as a healthcare marketer, I'm especially tired of people ignoring Gen X's influence. So, instead of stewing silently I decided to take a stand. This book is that stand.

If you don't know much about Gen X or why you should care about our role in healthcare, let me break it down for you. All members of Gen X are now between 40 and 55 years old. We’ve become what I call a triple threat in healthcare. We’re coordinating care for our kids, personally dealing with the fun side effects of our own aging process and dealing with the increasing health needs of our parents . WE ARE THE TARGET AUDIENCE.

Our window of influence and importance is going to be at its peak for the next 10 to 15 years. That’s where our new book comes in. Along with my co-authors Dean Browell, Ph.D, and Dan Miers, we talk demographics, what makes Gen X tick, and strategies for engagement while also poking a little bit of fun at our generational neighbors the boomers and millennials along the way. Maybe you've heard of them?

Get the book:

Don’t You Forget About Gen X: One Generation’s Crucial Role in

Get the music playlist:

A soundtrack to accompany the book. 200 songs available here on Spotify.

Additional reading:

Closing thought:

Don't you try to pretend

It's my feeling we'll win in the end

Don't You Forget About Me

-Simple Minds


Special thanks to Dan Miers and SPM Marketing & Communications for helping Dean and I take this project from a vague notion (hey, we should write a book!) to a 30,000-word finished product. It has been a great partnership!

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