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4 slides: Healthcare marketing explained!

Although not always easy to put into practice, good marketing is fairly straightforward if you possess a strong understanding of the core principles and can effectively work with your business partners. Marketing healthcare adds layers of complexities and complications that take time to fully understand. Last week, I gave a lecture on healthcare marketing to students in OHSU’s MS in Healthcare program. My goal was to present a useful framework that they could consult as the term unfolds.

I wanted my presentation to represent and explain what healthcare marketers “do” for lack of a better term. There was one catch: I intended to accomplish that in less than five slides. For those of you who are new to the industry or would just like a few background slides about healthcare marketing, I hope what I built for the lecture can serve as a good resource for you. For my more experienced colleagues, what did I miss in this brief presentation? The only caveat is that if you tell me to add something, you have to take something away as well!

  1. Five trends affecting healthcare

  2. One big challenge facing our profession

  3. Six questions you MUST always ask

  4. Four things you can do today

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