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SHSMD Connections conference: Sunday and Monday takeaways

For those of you who couldn't make it to Seattle for Connections 2018, here are a few of the highlights from the content and speakers that kicked off this year’s event.

Kickoff keynote – Johnny Cupcakes

  • Customers want a unique experience that makes them feel like every day is their birthday

  • You offer that experience by forming a correlation with customers

  • Focus your marketing and engagement on humans, not labels like B2B or B2C

Check out the five minute intro video we watched before Johnny's presentation on Sunday:

Surviving and thriving during M&A activity – Me, Tammy Graves and Karina Jennings

  • Brand: Strive for simplicity and resist compromising for the wrong reasons

  • Integrating teams: Take the time to listen and learn first then build a new vision and org structure together

  • Driving strategy: Agile methods and nimble governance can drive growth and value during integration

Trends in digital health – Indu Subaiya

  • Q1-Q3 2018 investment in digital health technology has more than doubled since 2017

  • Digital technologies are making assumptions that we are moving to value-based care

  • Of the hundreds of thousands of digital health apps available, only a handful are connected to EMRs

  • Traditional healthcare companies are extremely worried about new entrants

  • Current care models don’t do well at managing chronic care

  • We need to extend care beyond our walls

  • New digital competitors won’t wait for us to embrace their technology; they can hire their own doctors to deliver it

Health care customer experience: Managing Customer Convergence – Panel discussion

  • The number of uninsured will grow from 29 million to 35 million in 2 to 3 years

  • M&A activity will continue to bring change

  • Consumerism will continue to grow

  • Your whole organization needs to live the brand experience

  • The traditional healthcare model was physician-centric and we did things on our time, not on the schedule consumers want

  • Walgreens sees 10 million customers daily – 8 million in person; 90 million members are engaged in the company's customer loyalty program. They are potential patients for a retail-based care system

  • Walgreens is striving to be a digital health navigator. Their new app is driving patients to partner health systems

  • Walgreens is working with partners to offer lab service in stores. 30% of lab orders today overall aren’t filled because it’s too inconvenient for patients to visit traditional sites like hospitals and MOBs

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