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The complex nature of competition in healthcare

Healthcare in the United States is a “product” that is different and more complex to promote than just about anything else. Why? One reason is that the nature of competition is so unique. In this 7-minute presentation, I share some thoughts on why that is and why it’s important to understand how competition works in our industry.

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HMPS Conference

Tuesday, May 17 @ 3:45 p.m.

Can New & Traditional Healthcare Players Co-Exist?

How can traditional healthcare providers work with retail clinics and other new players to improve care, access, costs, and outcomes for patients? Examine the opportunities, from sharing data, to triaging patients based on risk, to sharing goals of access, education, and engagement.

Kirsten Anderson, MD MPH, Senior Medical Director, CVS Health

Alan Shoebridge, Chief Communication Officer, Providence - Oregon

Vipul Vyas, SVP of Vertical Strategy, Persado

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