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SHSMD23: How to make the most out of your experience

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

After months of having the date circled on my calendar, the SHSMD Connections conference is almost here! Going to industry conferences is always a fun experience, but it can be even better when you plan ahead for how you’ll get the most out of your time.

Here are some simple things to remember before and during the conference.

📋 What to do before you get there
  • Download the event app. Check your email for instructions.

  • Share your plans to attend! Spread the word using the hashtag #SHSMD23 and the social media toolkit.

  • Sign up for a 15-minute, one-on-one LinkedIn profile audit with Rachel Simon, LinkedIn guru, CEO and founder of Connect the Dots Digital. Schedule that here.

  • Find a mentor: Sign up for a 15-minute meeting to discuss your career goals and challenges with a seasoned field professional. Schedule that here.

📋 What to do during the conference

By taking four simple steps, you can ensure you make your conference experience stick:

  1. Participate in the conversation and read the recaps

  2. Select and save your favorite content

  3. Schedule any follow-up meetings ASAP

  4. Share what you learn with others

Watch this short video to learn more:

🎤 Two sessions you might enjoy
  • Sunday, Sept. 10 @ 5:40 p.m. – Join me and Jeff Steblea in the exhibit hall for a brief talk on partnerships.

  • Tuesday, Sept. 12 @ 11 a.m. – Join me, Patrick Higley and Brent Lamm to talk about trends in AI.

💻 Resources and information about the conference

I look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago. I hope you all have a great time at Connections 2023!

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