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Improving healthcare: Can separate paths lead us all to the same destination?

For those working in healthcare, we know change can be difficult. And it's almost always slower than we want. During the past decade, we’ve seen tech companies and other “disruptors” entering the healthcare space. Those disruptors do things differently – hence the name – than traditional healthcare providers. Yet, I think the destination is the same. What is that destination? Improving healthcare.

I haven’t met any leader working in healthcare who doesn’t want to improve it. If there is a debate about making healthcare better, it’s about how fast it can be done, who can best do it and where to do it. I recently joined Jared Johnson of the Healthcare Rap podcast for a great conversation on this topic. Check it out here.


About the Healthcare Rap podcast:

Jared Johnson and Zain Ismail believe that healthcare has only one choice: to become truly consumer-first, or be disrupted. Each week, they share provocative thinking about the Healthcare of Tomorrow and explore the frontiers of consumer health.

The Healthcare Rap ranks in the top 10% of podcasts globally, has been named a Top 20 Healthcare Podcast, and has surpassed 200 episodes and 4 years on the air. If you want to operationalize consumer-first healthcare in your organization, join the movement and subscribe to the Rap today!

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