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ICYMI 2020: 5 topics that mattered to you (and me)

As 2020 winds down, I looked back through my LinkedIn and personal blog posts to see what topics provoked the most interest and response. Here's what I found.

#1. COVID-19 disruption

Like many of you, I really didn't know much about the coronavirus prior to March. Since then, it has been just about all I've focused on professionally. This was my first blog post on the topic: The healthcare industry disruption we never saw coming.

#2: Hiring: Can't we do better?

COVID-19 has helped spurred a lot of innovation. Unfortunately, not much of it has been happening when it comes to hiring. Stories abound of candidates being treated badly, processes dragging on forever and just a lot of wasted time in general for everyone. Also, let's all remember that unicorns DO NOT exist.

#3. Leaders, your voice matters!

Failing to share perspectives is a trait I’ve seen among a surprisingly large number of leaders at the manager/director level and above. For leaders, it's important to share your perspective on issues that matter. This blog post shares three reasons why it you need to do this more often.

#4: Gen X in healthcare

As a member of Gen X, I'm tired of being left out of conversations about the generations. And as a healthcare marketer, I'm especially tired of people ignoring Gen X's influence. So, I joined forces with Dean and Dan to write a book about it!

#5: COVID-19: Logic versus emotion in decision-making

I’ve always been fascinated by why human beings act the way they do. Furthermore, as a professional marketer and communicator, having that natural curiosity about human behavior has been especially beneficial. When it comes to our COVID-19 response, the actions of many people are being driven more by emotion than logic.

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