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ICYMI 2019: 5 topics that mattered to you (and me)

As 2019 winds down, I looked back through my LinkedIn and personal blog posts to see what topics provoked the most interest and response. Here's what I found.

#1. Where is Gen X?

As a member of Generation X, I'm hyper aware of when conversations are going on about generational change and leave us out. It happens a lot. Case in point:

#2. Is it OK to be a "jack of all trades?"

The short answer is yes. In fact, it might just be a tremendous asset in today's job environment.

#3. Avoid the eyeroll and redirect the conversation

"Nobody knows about us." We've all heard it, and it's usually not true. Instead of getting frustrated, here are a few strategies that work.

#4. Wishful thinking is not a plan

We expect a lot from healthcare patients. Mostly, we expect them to behave like consumers for all other manner of products. It's not working and healthcare price transparency won't help most people or bend the cost curve.

#5. Dealing with difficult people? Think about lettuce

I know that advice sounds crazy, but give it a shot.

Have a great 2020!

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