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How to make the most of your time in the 'Never Normal'

Nearly everyone in healthcare is still on the COVID-19 rollercoaster. Where I work in Oregon, the national guard is back in our hospitals, scheduled surgeries are being postponed and we're bracing for the worst as we near the projected peak of omicron COVID-19 hospitalizations. In short, this is not a time where any of us are working in "normal" circumstances. Given what we've experienced during the last two years, we might not be back into normal mode for some time to come. Yet, we can make the most of those periods when things do settle down a bit.

I recently joined Chris Hemphill, VP of Applied AI at Actium Health, to discuss how to build strategies for success during this difficult time as part of a webinar hosted by the Society for Healthcare Market and Strategy Development. Watch the video here:

Your goals for 2022:
  • Driving effective outreach and activation in times of uncertainty

  • Managing staffing challenges and other changes

  • Getting started, even when conditions aren't ideal

Your steps to achieve them:
  1. Focus on yourself and your team

  2. Look at your operations

  3. Know your audiences

  4. Evaluate results and adjust

  5. Repeat the cycle

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