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Four minutes. Four slides. Four strategies for success

One of the biggest challenges in our work and personal lives is trying to do too much at once. When we break things up into smaller chunks of dedicated time we have a better chance at success. That is especially true in in healthcare, which constantly throws obstacles and unforeseen developments in our way.

As I was thinking about how to ensure a good 2020, I decided to create unique areas of concentration for each quarter of the year. By making regular progress on these four areas, I think I will have the best shot at realizing the type of impact that I want myself and my team to make for the rest of this year. Of course, these four strategies aren’t 100% mutually exclusive. There will always be a bit of overlap. Yet, setting aside time to really dive into each of these areas is likely to pay good dividends.

Here is how I plan to divide up the year.

Q1: January – March. It’s all about focus

This is where your plan can easily get off track. Be aware of the distractions.

Q2: April - June. It’s all about learning

It’s hard to make time to figure out what you need to learn and how you will do it. Yet, it’s tremendously important. Spend time now so you don’t forget about it.

Q3: July – September: It’s all about measurement

Knowing whether what you’re doing is working or not is the key to good planning for the upcoming year.

Q4: October – December: It’s all about planning

If you don’t have a plan in place when you hit 2021, you’ll be behind from day one. That’s not a place you want to find yourself in.

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