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Everything you need to know about healthcare marketing - in 5 slides!

Several years ago, I challenged myself to put together four simple slides that would capture the state of the healthcare industry at a high level and explain the role of marketers. The initial intended audience was people who are new to the profession or considering a career in healthcare marketing. However, I think the fundamentals outlined here are good for just about anyone connected to healthcare no matter what their level of experience.

Like everything else, COVID-19 changed the state of healthcare and healthcare marketing. So, I had to add one slide to this deck to cover COVID, which is the disruption our industry did not see coming.

Although not always easy to put into practice, effective marketing is fairly straightforward if you possess a strong understanding of the core principles and can effectively work with your business partners. Marketing healthcare adds layers of complexities and complications that take time to fully understand. I hope this slide deck will help you navigate our industry just a little bit more easily. And for those of you more experienced in our industry, what did I miss?

Get the slides

Healthcare marketing today
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Healthcare marketing today
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