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Building the fundamentals: 5 questions that help set crystal clear expectations

Not asking the right questions when starting a new project is almost guaranteed to result in frustration, confusion or disappointment. Maybe even all three at once! By asking five core questions every time, you can set crystal clear expectations that help drive success. These aren't the ONLY questions you should ask for every project, but they are the most important. Watch my short 4-minute video above to learn more.

This is the first video presentation in what I hope to be a semi-regular series. I'm calling this series "building the fundamentals," but with the knowledge that the concepts I plan to explore are appropriate for all experience levels as they require regular thought and active practice.

Sometimes when I'm going too fast I fail to fall back on the fundamentals I've built during my career. That happens to almost all of us on occasion. I hope that by thinking about these concepts more regularly, those instances will be less frequent in the future for me and you.

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