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2020 broke all our 'normal' processes: Here is one way to get back on track for the upcoming year

The fall season is often a time to think about planning and envision the year to come. We should strive to get back into that groove and plan as much as we can now, prior to what could be a difficult late fall/winter with COVID-19 and the flu. Doing that now will help us maintain a better proactive versus reactive balance for as long as we can in 2021.

Video: Watch my conversation with Revive Health

I recently sat down with Chris Bevolo from Revive Health to talk about how to get your marketing plan back on track. Watch our 30-minute conversation here.

Additional resources

Earlier this year - when everything was going according to plan - I wrote this article and created these slides prior to COVID. I think breaking the year into focuses for each quarter still makes sense and will help us move away from constant heroics to as much “normalcy” as can be expected in 2021. You can also watch the 4-minute slide video below.

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