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Taking practical steps to fix the ACA

“ … those of us who work every day to make our healthcare system more responsive, affordable and comprehensible are shaking our heads in disbelief that people who know nothing about how healthcare works in the U.S. are rolling the dice on creating chaos for millions of Americans by repealing the ACA with no alternative or swapping the ACA for a single-payer system for which there are no details on how it would operate.”

- John Baackes in Modern Healthcare: Don’t scrap Obamacare. Fix it I think this editorial is spot on. Why can’t we focus on a pragmatic approach to fixing this problem? Taking these steps wouldn’t result in a perfect solution to our healthcare challenges, but they would help improve access to care, begin to stabilize costs and lead us on a path to additional future improvements. While we’re debating the extremes – tear down the ACA and go back to where we were or build a completely new healthcare system – positive steps could be helping millions of Americans. It’s a missed opportunity.

Lastly, for anyone who needs a reminder on what happens if the ACA is scrapped here is the CBO projection. It's not pretty.

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