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Beginning another new career journey

Last year was a time filled with change for me, some of it planned and some of it coming as a complete surprise. Overall, it definitely proved to be a period of learning and self-reflection.

This week, I’m taking the first step on a new career journey. I’ve accepted a marketing role with Salinas Valley Memorial Health, which is located in central California close to Monterey and about two hours from the bay area.

SVMH is doing exciting work to advance healthcare and the people I met during the interview process were wonderful. I’m excited to begin work in a few weeks and help play a role in the organization’s future success and service to the community.

This career move also entails relocation, the second in less than a year for me and my wife. Although returning to southern California last year was a lot of fun, I’m looking forward to living in a smaller, more closely connected community. The year-round temperatures in the 70s and miles of coastal bike paths don’t hurt either!

I want to close this message by thanking everyone who reached out to me after I posted about leaving my last role at Kaiser in October. So many people responded with messages of support and helpful advice. I don’t want to test it again any time soon, but it was great to know that there is a support network out there to count on during tough times.

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