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SHSMD Connections conference: Tuesday’s takeaways

Day two of the SHSMD Connections conference was filled with inspiring speakers and useful content. Here are a few takeaways from Tuesday.

Identifying and alleviating burnout

This session addressed the problems with physician burnout, but I think it is applicable to people in all areas of healthcare (and other industries as well).

Some signs you might be burned out:

  1. You try to be everything to everyone

  2. At the end of each day, you feel like you have not made a meaningful difference

  3. Your job varies between monotony and chaos

  4. You work in healthcare

How to help your teams manage the symptoms of burnout:

  • Understand what’s happening – talk to your team

  • Access tools within and outside your company

  • Identify programs and strategies that can be piloted; test and measure

  • Spread what works throughout your organization

Keynote: Erik Wahl

This was one of the most energizing keynotes I’ve seen in some time. Take a look at this video to get a sense of what his presentation was like.

  • Use your creativity to navigate complexity and challenges

  • Don’t allow fear to paralyze the creative process

  • Fear prevents growth

  • Imagination can be more powerful than knowledge

  • We are taught to become risk adverse from birth

  • Without taking some risks we can’t have growth

  • Building emotional connections is the key to deeper interactions with others

  • Respect analytics and logic, but don’t let them cripple you with inaction

  • Think about re-igniting your “beginner’s mind” to solve problems

  • We need to embrace those who can dream and leverage data to drive growth

5 reasons why loyalty lacks in healthcare

  • 40 perecent of consumers are NOT loyal to a hospital or health system

  • How do you create loyalty in healthcare? Being safer, better and easier is the key

  • When they have an established relationship with a PCP, patients cost health systems less money

  • The health system that can give patients a consistent experience 100% of the time will win

  • If it’s not easy, people – especially younger generations – will not engage

  • Consumers visualize wellness, not sickness in their lives. Your marketing should reflect that.

  • Consumers readily accept innovation or disruptors

  • Loyalty elevates the brand, generates stickiness and begins to create a culture of patient-centricity

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